Thoroughbred Facilities at GoldMark Farm

Thoroughbred Facilities at GoldMark Farm

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Contact us to schedule a visit, discuss equine dry stall and paddock boarding for trainers and owners with 10 or more horses, learn more about our show cattle, or set up a tour of our Triple Crown Museum.  

Setting the Gold Standard

Everything You Need at GoldMark Farm

Discover top-tier facilities at GoldMark Farm, designed for champion-caliber equine performances. Our state-of-the-art facility develops high-performance racehorses, ensuring they reach their peak potential for Graded Stakes wins. 

Training Track

GoldMark Farms track has a ¾ mile circumference; it is 50 feet wide with aluminum safety rail and 4% banked turns.

Toe Ring

GoldMark Farm’s Toe Ring spans an oval area of 80’ by 300’ with walking paths 20’ across. The center area is grass with shade provided by large oak trees.

Explore GoldMark Farm’s Comprehensive Equine Facilities: 

Training and Conditioning


Our experienced Ocala-based trainers craft personalized fitness routines, enhancing strength, endurance, and speed crucial for Thoroughbred racehorses.

Stall Board Services


Individual, meticulously maintained stalls equipped with comfortable bedding for optimal horse comfort.

Nutrition Expertise

Tailored, balanced diets designed by nutritionists for every horse, considering age, activity level, and health status.

Veterinary Care

Access to essential veterinary services, ensuring regular check-ups, vaccinations, and prompt medical attention.

Farrier Expertise

Skilled Ocala-based farriers for regular hoof care and shoeing, enhancing performance and soundness.

Exercise Facilities

Tracks, arenas, and equipment catering to various training stages and conditioning needs.

Grooming Excellence

Expert grooming, bathing, and maintenance for appearance and equine well-being.

Turnout Time

Essential paddock time promoting mental well-being and relaxation for our equine athletes.

Rehabilitation Services

Specialized facilities and expertise for post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, including hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercises.

Breeding Services

Dedicated mare and foal barn for breeding services, ensuring top-notch care for broodmares and foals.

Trainer Consultations

Access to experienced Ocala-based trainers and consultants for strategic race planning and racehorse management.

Record Keeping

Our Ocala-based trainers keep detailed records of health, training progress, and race performance, aiding owners in informed decision-making.

Administrative Support

Our Ocala-basedtrainers administrative team assists with race entries,registrations, and compliance with racing regulations


GoldMark Farm has four fully enclosed covered Euro Walkers. The Walkers have 19 ½’ high interior vinyl-lined ceilings, and are equipped with fans and lights.

Round Pen

GoldMark Farm has two fully enclosed Round Pens with a 60’ diameter and a 19 ½’ high vinyl-lined ceiling which serve as the primary initial training location. The Round Pens are equipped with fans and lights.


GoldMark Farms horses in training are maintained in one of GoldMarks 160 stalls across six barns.


GoldMark Farm’s Arena has an expanse of 100 feet by 175 feet with the perimeter being four-board fencing with rounded corners.

Wash Racks

GoldMark Farm has twenty wash racks with 10’ by 11’ bays with slip-resistant rubber mat floors. For the horses’ ultimate comfort, temperature regulation is provided with hot and cold running water.

Therapies at GoldMark Farm

Cold Salt Hydrotherapy

This is used to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in therapeutic saltwater cooled to 2°C / 35°F which takes out heat and reduces inflammation in the lower legs.


It is an innovative treatment of muscle vibration and stimulation that has been successful for animal therapy, health, fitness and prevention of injuries.

Training Pool

The pool is 12x100 with 30-foot ramps on both sides for the horses to access safely.  

Thoroughbred Training Services

Initial Starting and Training

An extremely knowledgeable and experienced team will ensure that your prospect is started safely resulting in a positive experience.

Training and Conditioning

This phase consists of the foundation work needed to get your horse breezing and ready to compete at the races.

Layup and Rehabilitation

Whether your horse needs well-deserved time off after a successful season or has had an injury or surgery, GoldMark Farm’s facilities have the therapies and treatments necessary to bring your horse back to racing soundness.

Join Our Stable of Prestige Clientele  

GoldMark Farm partners with trade connections for our facilities' dry stall and pasture boarding. We invite trainers and owners with ten or more horses to contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art equine facilities.

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

Thoroughbred Trainers

Maria Lithander

Maria Lithander

Dressage Trainer

GoldMark Farm offers enterprise-to-enterprise dry stall and pasture boarding services for equine businesses with ten or more horses.  

An Equine Paradise in

Ocala, Florida.

At GoldMark Farm, we take pride in offering little of everything deep in the heart of horse country. We provide an experience steeped in tradition, expertise, and a deep love for these majestic animals.




5290 NW 130th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34482  

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