Layup and Rehabilitation

Layup and Rehabilitation

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Whether your horse needs well-deserved time off after a successful season or has had an injury or surgery, GoldMark’s facilities have the therapies and treatments necessary to bring your horse back to racing soundness. These therapies and treatments include but are not limited to ECB Equine Spa Cold Salt Hydrotherapy, EquiVibe equine vibration plates therapy, Centurion equine Transpirator II, Niagara Equissage equine massage therapy, hot and cold therapy, Centurion 4PH electromagnetic therapy including body blankets, hoofpads, spats and hock boots, counter irritants, and bandaging. Coming soon to GoldMark Farm is a Therapeutic Pool.

Layup and rehabilitation are critical aspects of racehorse care and management. They play a significant role in maintaining the health and performance of racehorses, ensuring their well-being, and prolonging their racing careers. Here’s why layup and rehabilitation are essential for racehorses: 

    Injury Recovery


    Racehorses are athletes prone to injuries due to the intense physical demands of racing. Layup and rehabilitation periods give horses the necessary time and care to recover from injuries such as strains, sprains, fractures, and tendon or ligament damage.

    Preventing Chronic Issues


    Prompt and appropriate rehabilitation can prevent minor injuries from becoming chronic or career-ending problems. It allows for early intervention and effective treatment, reducing the likelihood of long-term issues that could compromise a horse's racing career.

    Rest and Recuperation

    Layup periods give racehorses the essential rest they need to recuperate physically and mentally. Racing is physically demanding, and regular breaks are necessary to prevent burnout and fatigue.

    Mental and Emotional Well-being

    Rehabilitation often includes activities to engage a horse's mind and maintain its emotional well-being. This can consist of hand-walking, turnout, or therapeutic exercises. A content and mentally balanced horse is likelier to perform well when it returns to racing.

    Maintaining Fitness

    A horse's fitness levels must be maintained as much as possible during layup and rehabilitation. This is typically achieved through controlled exercise routines, such as walking and swimming, to ensure the horse doesn't lose too much condition during the downtime.

    Gradual Return to Work

    The rehabilitation process includes gradually reintroducing exercise and training, ensuring the horse's body is fully prepared to handle the rigors of racing again. Rushing the return to racing can lead to re-injury or poor performance.

    Assessment and Monitoring

    Layup and rehabilitation periods allow veterinarians, trainers, and other professionals to monitor the horse's progress closely. This allows for adjustments in the treatment plan as needed, ensuring that the horse heals appropriately and is ready to return to racing when the time is right.

    Longevity in Racing

    Properly managed layup and rehabilitation can extend a racehorse's career by helping them recover from injuries and maintain peak physical condition. This is valuable for both the horse's owner and the racing industry as a whole.

    Ethical and Welfare Considerations

    Ensuring that racehorses receive appropriate care and rehabilitation is an ethical responsibility. It reflects a commitment to the well-being and humane treatment of these animals.

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    Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

    Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

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    Maria Lithander

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    GoldMark Farm offers enterprise-to-enterprise dry stall and pasture boarding services for equine businesses with ten or more horses.  

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