Mare Facilities at GoldMark Farm

Mare Facilities at GoldMark Farm

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GoldMark Farm provides the appropriate facilities for pregnant mares and newborn foals, which is essential for ensuring their health and well-being.

Continuing with the Vision of Mr. Buhlman, the broodmare division boasts a state-of-the-art facility with an extensive reproductive barn.  This barn has a lab, breeding stock for safety and ease of working with broodmares, foaling stalls with rubber floors, automatic waterers, and large picturesque windows.  Situated near the barn are small paddocks to allow mares close to their foaling date to have privacy and then post foaling to enjoy turnout time one-on-one with their new foal.  Once the mare and foal are ready to join a friend, the facility allows the transition to a larger field where the mares and foals enjoy lush grass with lovely oak canopies with automatic waterers.


GoldMark Farm offers a mare barn with 16 stalls in four bays.

We have two wash stalls, a lab area, four large fields with feeding pens, four small paddocks, and a loading ramp.

Your mare and foal safety is paramount when staying with us.  


The appropriate facilities for pregnant mares and newborn foals are essential for ensuring the health and well-being of both the mare and the foal. Proper facilities provide a safe and supportive environment for pregnancy, foaling, and the early stages of a foal’s life.  We work with Ocala-based experts for your mare and foal care. 



Safety is paramount for pregnant mares and foals. Proper facilities are designed to minimize risks associated with injury or illness. Our secure fencing, well-maintained stalls, and safe pastures or paddocks reduce the chances of accidents.



Adequate facilities allow for proper health monitoring. Your mares will be closely observed during pregnancy for signs of distress, illness, or complications. Newborn foals are examined, and any health issues can be promptly addressed.

Stress Reduction

Comfortable and familiar surroundings can help reduce stress for mares and foals. Reducing stress is essential for the overall health of the animals and can impact the success of the pregnancy and the development of the foal.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Clean and well-maintained facilities are crucial for preventing the spread of diseases and infections. Our adequately designed stalls and foaling areas make it easier to keep the environment clean and reduce the risk of contamination.

Controlled Environment

GoldMark Farm's facilities control the environment, including temperature, humidity, and ventilation. This is vital for newborn foals, as they are particularly susceptible to temperature extremes and respiratory issues.

Access to Adequate Nutrition

We ensure pregnant mares access appropriate nutrition. This is essential for the mare's health and the development of the growing fetus.

Foaling Assistance

Our facilities are designed with foaling stalls and areas with good visibility and easy access for births that may require assistance. This is crucial in case of complications during delivery.

Post-Foaling Care

Adequate facilities allow for segregating mares and foals after birth to provide time for bonding while ensuring the foal receives proper colostrum and nursing.


Our barn has controlled access and secure areas to help protect pregnant mares and newborn foals from potential predators or theft.

Veterinary Care

GoldMark's state-of-the-art facilities make it easier for veterinarians to provide necessary care, including prenatal check-ups, vaccinations, and emergency care during foaling or post-foaling complications.

Behavioral and Social Needs

We are designed to meet mares and foals' behavioral and social needs. Providing space for exercise, interaction, and mental stimulation is essential for their well-being.Our Ocala-based experts are available to consult at every stage of development.

Education and Observation

The proper facilities allow everyone involved to observe and educate themselves about the pregnancy and foaling process. This knowledge can lead to better care and management practices.

GoldMark Farm offers opportunities for broodmare and foaling service professionals to utilize our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the best care and safety of mares and new foals.  

To ensure that your mare and new arrival have the best possible hands-on experience, horseOlogy provides a boutique experience while limiting the number of mares and foals.

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GoldMark Farm partners with trade connections for our facilities' dry stall and pasture boarding. We invite trainers and owners with ten or more horses to contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art equine facilities.

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

Thoroughbred Trainers

Maria Lithander

Maria Lithander

Dressage Trainer

GoldMark Farm offers enterprise-to-enterprise dry stall and pasture boarding services for equine businesses with ten or more horses.  

An Equine Paradise in

Ocala, Florida.

At GoldMark Farm, we take pride in offering little of everything deep in the heart of horse country. We provide an experience steeped in tradition, expertise, and a deep love for these majestic animals.




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