Dry Stall and Pasture Boarding

Dry Stall and Pasture Boarding

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Contact us to schedule a visit, discuss equine dry stall and paddock boarding for trainers and owners with 10 or more horses, learn more about our show cattle, or set up a tour of our Triple Crown Museum.  

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GoldMark collaborates with trade connections to invite owners or trainers with 10 or more horses to our state-of-the-art facility for dry stall and pasture boarding.    

GoldMark offers dry stall and pasture boarding for equine professionals. We have areas of one to forty acres with abundant trees to provide shade. Lush green grass in the summer is supplemented with hay in the winter. Paddocks are equipped with safe, reliable Ever-Fresh waterers and are enclosed with four-board fencing. Grain and supplements are provided three times a day.  

Explore what GoldMark has to offer. Contact us to visit our premises and learn more about dry stall and pasture boarding.  

Access to pasture boarding is vital for horses’ health, well-being, and overall quality of life. Here are several reasons why it is critical:  

Physical Health


Pasture and paddock turnout allow horses ample space to move and graze. This promotes physical health by allowing them to engage in natural behaviors, such as grazing, walking, trotting, and running. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining strong muscles, healthy joints, and cardiovascular fitness.

Mental Well-Being


Horses are social animals that thrive on interaction with other horses. Pasture and paddock boarding allow socialization, reducing stress and preventing behavioral issues like boredom, anxiety, and aggression. Horses that are turned out with companions tend to be happier and more content.

Natural Behavior

Grazing is a fundamental natural behavior for horses. Access to pasture allows horses to graze freely, which is enjoyable and essential for their digestive health. Grazing helps prevent issues like colic and ulcers and encourages proper dental wear.

Muscle Development

Horses turned out in pastures have the opportunity to move freely, which helps in developing and maintaining proper muscle tone. This can be particularly important for performance horses that need strong, well-developed muscles for their specific disciplines.

Hoof Health

Regular movement on various surfaces in a pasture or paddock can contribute to good hoof health. It helps in natural wear and can reduce the risk of conditions like thrush and abscesses.

Natural Sunlight

Exposure to natural sunlight in pastures helps horses synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for their overall health, including bone strength.

Join Our Stable of Prestige Clientele  

GoldMark Farm partners with trade connections for our facilities' dry stall and pasture boarding. We invite trainers and owners with ten or more horses to contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art equine facilities.

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

Jena Antonucci and Katie Miranda

Thoroughbred Trainers

Maria Lithander

Maria Lithander

Dressage Trainer

GoldMark Farm offers enterprise-to-enterprise dry stall and pasture boarding services for equine businesses with ten or more horses.  

An Equine Paradise in

Ocala, Florida.

At GoldMark Farm, we take pride in offering little of everything deep in the heart of horse country. We provide an experience steeped in tradition, expertise, and a deep love for these majestic animals.




5290 NW 130th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34482  

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