Angus Show Cattle  

Angus Show Cattle  

Discover Excellence, Discover GoldMark Farm 

Contact us to schedule a visit, discuss equine dry stall and paddock boarding for trainers and owners with 10 or more horses, learn more about our show cattle, or set up a tour of our Triple Crown Museum.  

Setting the Gold Standard

Our elite Angus cows live the high life on 100 acres designated for them for grazing and raising the calves.  

Our cattle are not produced for beef, only the show ring.

We do not have a bull on site and do artificial insemination or invitro fertilization.  

We have 30 recip cows used for carrying Angus donor cows.

We produce and sell embryos, as well as sell natural-born calves for showing.  

There are over 200 acres that produce coastal hay, which is used mainly for cattle. We make all the hay needed to feed our cows and sell significant portions of it within the Ocala community.  


About Angus Show Cattle  

Angus cattle are a popular and elite breed known for their black or red coloring and are often raised for their high-quality beef. Angus cattle are commonly shown at agricultural fairs, livestock exhibitions, and cattle shows throughout the United States, including Florida. 

Originating from Scotland, these black-hided cattle are highly valued in the beef industry for their marbling, tenderness, and flavorful meat. They are medium-sized, hardy animals, well-adapted to various climates and raised in many parts of the world. Angus cattle are renowned for their efficiency in converting feed into high-quality beef, making them a favored choice among farmers and ranchers. Their distinctive appearance, solid black or red coat, and moderate frame contribute to their recognition and widespread appeal in the agricultural community. 

In Ocala, known for its equestrian and agricultural community, many farms and breeders specialize in various cattle breeds, including Angus. Area farms may raise Angus cattle for both meat production and show purposes.  

GoldMark is a show cattle operation facility. None of our cows are used for meat.  

Donors and Sires 

Donor cows are high-quality exclusive cows who produce the embryos we use to impregnate the recip cows on the property. Along with our champion donors cows, we have 30 recip cows who carry the embryos of our donors.  

Showing Success

PVF Missie 9251 

C&C Princess 2051 

EXAR Princess 2878 

If you’re interested in our Angus show cattle operations in Ocala, contact GoldMark Farm to learn more.

GoldMark Farm

Premium Angus Genetics and Quality Hay 

GoldMark Farm stands for excellence in everything thing we do.

Visit our show cattle facilities and learn more about what we have to offer.  

An Equine Paradise in

Ocala, Florida.

At GoldMark Farm, we take pride in offering little of everything deep in the heart of horse country. We provide an experience steeped in tradition, expertise, and a deep love for these majestic animals.




5290 NW 130th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34482  

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