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GoldMark Farm has twenty wash racks with 10-foot by 11-foot bays with slip-resistant rubber mat floors. For the horses’ ultimate comfort, temperature regulation is provided with hot and cold running water. 

 This area is designed to help cool down a horse after strenuous physical activity, such as a workout or competition, and to facilitate washing and grooming the horse.  

Features of a Cool-Down or Wash Rack: 

  1. Location: Cool-down or wash racks are located near the barn and training area for convenience. 
  2. Non-Slip Surface: The area has a non-slip surface to ensure the horse’s stability while being washed. 
  3. Water Source: A water source, such as a hose with adjustable water pressure, is readily available for washing the horse. 
  4. Drainage: Proper drainage is essential to prevent water accumulation, especially when washing the horse. The area is designed to allow water to drain away efficiently. 
  5. Tie Points: Secure tie rings or cross-ties are provided for attaching the horse safely during washing and grooming. These ties are at a height that is comfortable for the horse and accessible for handlers. 

          Purpose of a Cool-Down or Wash Rack: 

          1. Cooling Down: After exercise, horses can become overheated and sweaty. The wash rack allows for a controlled environment where the horse can gradually cool down. Cold water is applied to the horse’s body, starting from the legs and moving up to the neck and back. 
          2. Removing Sweat and Dirt: The wash rack provides a designated area to thoroughly wash away sweat, dirt, and debris from the horse’s coat. This is essential for maintaining skin and coat health. 
          3. Grooming: After washing, the horse can be groomed to remove excess water and promote a clean, shiny coat. Grooming tools, such as brushes and combs, are often kept nearby. 

              A cool-down or wash rack is a valuable addition to GoldMark Farm, as it aids in the well-being and care of the horses and ensures that they are comfortable and clean after exercise.  

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