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GoldMark has two fully enclosed Round Pens with a 60-foot diameter and a 19 ½ foot high vinyl-lined ceiling, serving as the primary initial training location. The Round Pens are equipped with fans, and lights.

Round pens are enclosed, circular training areas typically used for working with and training young horses, although they can benefit horses of all ages. These pens are often a valuable tool for horse trainers and handlers, and they serve several purposes in the training and development of young horses: 

Purposes and Benefits: 



Round pens provide a controlled and enclosed environment where young and inexperienced horses can be worked with safely. The circular design eliminates corners and edges that could pose hazards during training.

Establishing Trust and Communication


Round pens are ideal for building trust and communication between the horse and the trainer or handler. Close proximity allows for more direct interaction, and the trainer can observe and respond more effectively to the horse's body language and cues.

Basic Groundwork

Young horses often need to learn essential groundwork skills, such as leading, haltering, and responding to cues for stopping, turning, and moving forward. Round pens are excellent for introducing these fundamental skills.

Lunging and Free Movement

Round pens are commonly used for lunging exercises, where the horse works on a long lead or lunge line. This allows the horse to move freely in a controlled space, promoting proper balance and muscle development.


Young horses can be introduced to various stimuli and objects in the round pen, helping them become desensitized to potential sources of fear or anxiety, such as tarps, flags, or obstacles.

Teaching Boundaries

Round pens can be used to teach young horses boundaries and respect for personal space, which is essential for safety when working with larger, more powerful animals.

Building Confidence

The circular design encourages horses to move naturally in a forward direction, which can help build their confidence and willingness to cooperate with their handlers.


Round pens provide a controlled setting for addressing behavioral issues or specific training challenges, such as overcoming resistance to haltering, loading into trailers, or standing quietly for grooming and veterinary care.

Social Interaction

Horses are social animals, and round pens can also serve as areas where young horses can interact with other horses safely, aiding in their socialization and development.

Trainer Safety

For trainers and handlers, round pens offer a safer space to work with young or unpredictable horses than open areas where the horse may have more opportunities to evade or resist.

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