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Horse walkers, also known as equine walkers or horse exercisers, are mechanical devices used in horse training and management. They provide a controlled environment for exercising horses and offer various benefits for their physical health and conditioning.  

GoldMark Farm has four fully enclosed covered Walkers equipped with Euro walkers. The Walkers have 19 ½ foot high interior vinyl-lined ceilings and are equipped with fans, and lights.

Purposes and Benefits: 

Our horse walkers are all used under the guidance of experienced trainers or handlers who understand how to safely and effectively incorporate them into a horse’s training program. Properly maintained equipment and regular inspection for safety are also crucial to ensure the well-being of the horses using the walker. 



The primary purpose of a horse walker is to provide exercise for horses. It allows them to walk or trot in a controlled manner, which is beneficial for maintaining their fitness, muscle tone, and cardiovascular health.

Warm-up and Cool-down


Horse walkers are often used as part of a warm-up or cool-down routine for horses before or after more intensive training or competition. They help to gradually raise or lower the horse's heart rate and body temperature, reducing the risk of muscle strains or injuries.


Horse walkers can be used in equine rehabilitation programs for horses recovering from injuries or surgeries. The controlled movement helps improve circulation and aids in the healing process.

Muscle Development

Controlled walking in a horse walker can contribute to muscle development, especially in the neck, back, and hindquarters. This is valuable for building strength and improving a horse's performance in various disciplines.

Behavioral Benefits

Regular horse walker use can help reduce boredom and restlessness in horses, providing them with mental stimulation and physical activity.

Time Efficiency

Horse walkers are time-efficient, as they can exercise multiple horses simultaneously, allowing trainers and barn staff to manage their time more effectively.

Weight Management

A horse walker can be used as part of a weight management program to help improve overall equine health.

Supervised Exercise

Trainers and handlers can monitor horses closely while they exercise in a horse walker, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Reduced Impact

The controlled environment of a horse walker minimizes the risk of injury that can occur when horses are turned out in larger paddocks or pastures.

Year-Round Use

Horse walkers can be used year-round, providing a consistent exercise routine regardless of weather conditions.

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