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Cold Salt Hydrotherapy treats and prevents many injuries in therapeutic saltwater cooled to 2°C / 35°F, which takes out heat and reduces inflammation in the lower legs. The treatment temperature induces a massive rush of blood and circulation in the legs. The therapy can be used for injury prevention, increasing mobility, and reducing limb swelling before and after training. It also aids the muscle and connective tissue and the condition of the bone and joints. The solution provides analgesic pain management, and the salt concentration acts as a hypertonic poultice, reducing heat with a natural healing effect. The water aeration massages the legs and increases the dissolved oxygen content, enhancing the natural defense system.

Spa treatments resolve injuries faster by keeping the leg temperature lower, minimizing the effect of fiber deteriorating collagenase, and reducing the swelling, allowing collagen fibers to repair. Regular cold therapy after exercise removes many stressors within tissues before inflammation develops. Cold significantly improves surface bone density, reducing the opportunity for bone stressrelated injuries. 


  • Tank or Tub: The therapy is conducted in a specialized tank or tub designed for this purpose. The tank is large enough to accommodate a horse’s lower limbs. 
  • Cold Saltwater Solution: The tank is filled with cold water and salt. The salt concentration is carefully controlled to provide the desired therapeutic effect. The water is typically chilled to a specific temperature, often between 32°F to 35°F.  
  • Pump and Jets: A pump circulates the saltwater in the tank. Jets or nozzles are strategically placed to create water movement around the horse’s legs. 
  • Safety Features: Safety precautions like non-slip flooring are essential to prevent accidents. 


  1. Preparation: The horse is brought to the cold salt hydrotherapy tank and gently introduced to the environment. The horse should be calm and comfortable before the treatment begins. 
  2. Immersion: The horse’s lower limbs or hooves are carefully placed into the tank, ensuring the water level covers the targeted area. 
  3. Cold Saltwater Circulation: The pump circulates the cold saltwater in the tank, creating a gentle, massaging effect on the horse’s limbs or hooves. The salt concentration and water temperature are maintained within the desired therapeutic range. 
  4. Duration: The cold salt hydrotherapy session can vary depending on the specific condition being treated and the horse’s response. Sessions may last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. 

        Benefits of Cold Salt Hydrotherapy for Horses: 

        • Reduces Inflammation: Cold saltwater helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the horse’s limbs and hooves. 
        • Enhances Blood Circulation: The massaging action of the water jets promotes improved blood circulation, which can aid in the healing process. 
        • Pain Relief: The therapy can relieve horses with laminitis, tendon or ligament injuries, or other conditions causing discomfort. 
        • Accelerates Healing: Cold salt hydrotherapy is often used as part of a rehabilitation program to speed up the healing of injuries and promote tissue repair. 
        • Temperature Regulation: The controlled cold temperature of the water helps regulate the temperature of the horse’s limbs, which can be particularly beneficial in treating heat-related injuries. 

          Cold salt hydrotherapy is valuable in equine rehabilitation and veterinary care. It is always administered under the guidance of our equine professionals.  

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