Training Track

Training Track


A race track with a ¾ mile circumference, a width of 50 feet, aluminum safety rail, 4% banked turns, and a surface covered with sand is designed to provide a safe and suitable environment for horse racing.  

Track Dimensions: 

  • Circumference: The track has a total circumference of ¾ mile (approximately 1,320 yards or 1,207 meters). This measurement represents the distance around the outer edge of the racing surface. 
  • Width: The track is 50 feet wide. This width provides ample space for multiple horses to race side by side comfortably. 


    Track Banking: 

    • Banked Turns: The race track turns are banked at a 4% incline. Banked turns help horses maintain balance and stability when navigating the track’s curves at high speeds. The degree of banking helps reduce the lateral forces on the horses and riders as they lean into the turn. 

      Surface Material: 

      • Sand Surface: The racing surface is covered with sand. Sand is a common material used on racetracks because it provides good traction and cushioning for the horses’ hooves, essential for their safety and performance. The depth and type of sand can vary depending on local climate and maintenance preferences. 

        Safety Features: 

        • Aluminum Safety Rail: The track is lined with a sturdy aluminum safety rail. This safety rail acts as a protective barrier to separate the racing surface from the outer area and the spectators. Aluminum rails are commonly used in racetracks due to their durability and ability to withstand impact. 

          Additional Features: 

          • Starting Gate: A starting gate is positioned at the beginning of the straightaway to ensure a fair and organized start to races. Horses are loaded into individual stalls within the gate before the race begins. 
          • Homestretch: The straight section of the track, often referred to as the homestretch, is where the races conclude. It typically has a clear line of sight for spectators to watch the exciting finish. 
          • Grandstand: A grandstand or seating area provides trainers, owners, and spectators a comfortable place to watch training.   

            The training track at GoldMark Farm is well-suited for thoroughbred training and offers safety, stability, and an exciting racing experience for our young horses.  

            An Equine Paradise in

            Ocala, Florida.

            At GoldMark Farm, we take pride in offering little of everything deep in the heart of horse country. We provide an experience steeped in tradition, expertise, and a deep love for these majestic animals.




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